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this blog is a collection of fangirling, insights, rants, photos and practically whatever comes into my mind.
(all photos posted are mine unless stated otheriwse)

Whenever and wherever hunger hits you, you don’t have to worry. These street foods won’t ever let you down. Be it pig’s ears, chicken’s feet or innards, it’s unbelievably tasty and will leave you wanting for more. Thirsty? Look around, there’s a manong or manangselling refreshments. Dessert? A cotton candy cart can’t be missed.



Grilled chicken’s feet, pig’s ears, chicken and pig innards, these street foods are truly exotic. Dip in a special vinegar mix or sweet and sour sauce and you’re ready to eat. Very much like barbeque but it’s more exciting, knowing you’re eating something unconventional. Take note, however, consumption of street foods must be of moderation.



These palamigs are home-made, what that do they say about home-made foods—it’s made with love. It’s perfect for quenching thirst and conquering the heat.


Save your heart.

Save your heart.

ZOOLOGY1. Happy eating.

ZOOLOGY1. Happy eating.

Herbology Slides

Herbology Slides

This semester was pretty heavy for me. I had two major subjects and two hard sciences-BOTANY and ZOOLOGY, for starters. I was stressed right at the beginning, just thinking of my subjects.

I didn’t liked Botany but I had to take it. To console myself, being a Potterhead that I am, I conditioned my mind to think of Botany as HERBOLOGY. I imagined my instructor to be Professor Sprout (iloveyouma’am), I thought of the plants to be mandrakes and dangerous and rare herbs used to make potions. Pretty soon I was enjoying myself.

I can’t say that I Hermione-d my grades to the top because I didn’t. There were times I used to get extremely frustrated because I understand the lessons, I just can’t name it right in exams and quizzes.

Now the semester’s over, I will sincerely miss my HERBOLOGY class. I still spout random things I learned, like flowers’ inflorescences and whatnot. Even though my grade wasn’t as high as it should be, I know I did my best and I know I learned a lot.

Okay seriously, I’m falling in love with these men.

I started to get sucked into the EXO WORLD by their Growl, now I can’t stop. I’m currently watching their Showtime and I can’t get enough. I love the way the members interact like brothers-bickering and being caring to one another. I love that they are all multi-talented and hardworking and at the same time still boys who just wants to have fun.

At first I thought that having 12 members are a bit too much. I wondered how they’re able to focus on so much people. But amazingly, each members of EXO have such distinct characteristics they all stand out together and against each other.

I’m a new fan, so I still don’t have a solid bias, but I’m looking more to KAI and CHANYEOL over everyone else.

Now, I’m looking forward to my fangirling to EXO, I think it’ll be fun <3

I’m a full-hearted extreme J-POPer. I had this notion that K-POP sucks, like they’re just a bunch of synchronized pretty puppets auto-tune singing and robot-dancing to heartless songs, in contrast to J-POP songs. In short, I hated K-POP. I felt like K-POP was overrated and that it was over shadowing J-POP who was more talented.

I hated that the K-POP male singers wear makeup and girly clothes and seems so inhumanly perfect. It just seriously annoys me the fact that millions of people fall head-over-heels for those super perfect OPPAs.

I was a K-POP hater until a friend showed me a dance practice video of EXO’s Growl.

I can’t explain how or why, but I kind of got sucked in. I found EXO’s Growl to be really catchy and fun to listen to and watch. I also immediately fell in love with KAI. My friend and I did a major EXO investigation and it didn’t help my hate for K-POP. Before I knew it I was downloading EXO’s videos and fangirling to their concerts.

Everything I said about K-POP- that they are girly, so unmanly, auto-tune freaks, robot dancers and talentless puppets, I take them all back. I’m sorry. They are all talented in their own respective ways with flaws and oddities. They work hard and they deserve their success. Now, I understand why there are so many K-POP fans, why they fall head-over-heals to those Oppas.

I’m sorry I ever called them gay. I’m sorry I ever called them puppets. Now I understand. (?)Let us all fan girl together for a better tomorrow (?)

But seriously, I shouldn’t have been so racist against Koreans and so biased for the Japanese, they’re all the same, really, striving hard to make music, perform and please their fans. From now on, I’ll never judge.

It’s been an extremely long time since I posted anything here. I kind of missed the feeling of blogging anything, now I think I have forgotten how to blog. But what the heck. HELLO TUMBLR! I MISSED YOU <3 


The fact that John cancelled his date to be with Sherlock.